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Kepicker — ASIN Fetcher, Product Comparison and ROI Calculator 💪

Boost Your Amazon Sales with Kepicker:
Find the Most Profitable Products and Conduct Market Analysis!

Kepicker Amazon Tool

Kepicker Tools and
Key Features

Finding the most profitable products in your Amazon marketplace is now easier than ever with Kepicker! Simplify your product research and enhance your marketing strategies by using global Amazon analytics. Compare prices with Kepicker tools and boost your revenue.

Asin Extractor

You can quickly collect, download, save, or view ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) on Amazon pages, saving you time with Kepicker.

Amazon Asin Extractor

Asin SPY

Collecting the ASINs of competing sellers allows you to perform competitive analysis. Identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, shaping your growth strategy accordingly.

Amazon Seller ASIN Grabber Collector

ROI Calculator

An tool that includes the necessary information (sales rank, category, shipping costs, fees, etc.) to calculate the profitability of products..

Amazon ROI Calculator

Stock Fetcher

It provides detailed information on a seller's product inventory, including total stock quantity, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) stock statuses, and more.

Stock Fetcher - Inventory tracking

Kepicker Calculator

You can make your own calculations by manually entering the source/target market price and shipping cost on Amazon.

Amazon fee calculator

Uploader Tool

Do you have a file containing ASINs? You can upload your file using this tool and compare the products.

Amazon asin uploader tool

Historical Keepa Data

This tool allows users to analyze the historical data of products on Amazon through Keepa.

Keepa historical data for any product

Market Comparison

This tool analyzes the performance of products offered in both markets and helps you determine which products are more profitable through a comparison.

This tool is created to assist Amazon sellers in analyzing the market and finding the most profitable products.

product and fee comparison

Elevate Your Expertise on Amazon with Kepicker!

Kepicker is a user-friendly and comprehensive Chrome extension designed specifically for Amazon sellers. This extension provides the key to success in the competitive Amazon marketplace: efficient and rapid data analysis.

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User-Friendly Interface

Navigate easily and access the features you need quickly with our modern and functional design.

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Extract product listings on Amazon, monitor their stock statuses, and compare between marketplaces.

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Find the most profitable products and earn more in less time.

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Data Presentation

Examine the profitability values, price changes, stock quantities, and Keepa data of the products.

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Competitive Analysis

Examine your competitors and stay one step ahead of them, determining your ideal pricing strategy.

Solidify Your Leadership on Amazon!

Kepicker allows you to dynamically adjust your prices based on demand fluctuations, ensuring that you always stay competitive.

Upcoming Features
and Tools

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We are continually improving our extension and adding new features. Stay tuned to discover upcoming updates.

Kepicker provides you with all the necessary data to maximize your profit margin on Amazon and increase your sales potential.
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High-Level Comparison

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Wholesaler Tool

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Product Recommender

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Google Sheets Integration

The Smart Way to Expand Your Amazon Marketplace

  • Compare All Amazon Marketplaces.
  • Gather ASINs from Amazon Search Results.
  • Find the Current Sellers of Products.

Finding the most profitable products in your Amazon marketplace is now much easier with Kepicker! Simplify your product research using Amazon analytics worldwide and enhance your marketing strategies. Compare prices with Kepicker tools and boost your revenue.

Kepicker is an extension that changes the game for Amazon sellers, saving time and money while simplifying market research. Whether you're just starting out or an expert in your field, Kepicker provides the tool you need for both you and your business to succeed on Amazon.

Download Kepicker now and take your Amazon sales to the next level!

Custom Product #143


11% Roi
Custom Product #345

USA → Türkiye

-5% Roi
Custom Product #221

Türkiye → Canada

32% Roi
Custom Product #754

Germany → Canada

4% Roi
Custom Product #085

Canada → UK

-8% Roi

Take an innovative step in product discovery with Kepicker!

Kepicker enables users to extract product listings on Amazon, monitor their stock statuses, compare between marketplaces, and perform various tasks like profitability calculations. These features help sellers optimize their workflows and improve their decision-making processes.

  • Finding Profitable Products
  • ROI Calculator
  • Seller's Inventory Tracking


Kepicker is an enhanced Chrome extension developed for Amazon sellers, designed
to boost efficiency and simplify profitable product research.

Kepicker is a Chrome extension developed for Amazon sellers. It helps you overcome various challenges you may encounter while selling on Amazon. It offers tools that streamline essential functions such as product research, price comparison, inventory tracking, and profitability analysis. Users can add Kepicker to their Chrome browsers to directly perform these analyses on Amazon pages.

No, Kepicker has a user-friendly interface and does not require technical knowledge. After installing the extension, users can access all features through a simple and intuitive interface. Additionally, guides and support are provided for usage assistance.

Kepicker offers a range of unique features designed specifically for Amazon sellers. These include a fast ASIN extractor, detailed market and price comparison, advanced inventory analysis, and profitability calculation tools. These tools simplify market research and product selection, helping sellers make more informed decisions.

Kepicker offers users various pricing options. Some basic features can be used for free, while premium plans are available for more advanced features and analysis tools. For current pricing and plan options, you can visit the official Kepicker website.

To effectively use Kepicker, you first need to create an account on our official website. After registering, you can install the Kepicker extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once the extension is installed, it will prompt you for a login screen. Here, you should log in with the email address and password you created on the website. Once your valid user status is confirmed in the system, the extension will become active.

Furthermore, to use Kepicker's store comparison features, you need to link the Amazon store accounts you want to compare to the extension. This can be easily done through our website. It's mandatory to have a USA Amazon store account; if you don't have one, you won't be able to use the extension. Once you've configured your extension settings, you can start taking advantage of the features that Kepicker offers based on your chosen package.

By following these steps, you can smoothly install the Kepicker extension and start using this powerful tool to enhance your sales strategy on the Amazon marketplace.
Boost Your Efficiency with Kepicker!

Are you looking for an innovative tool
to skyrocket your Amazon sales?

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Selling on Amazon with Kepicker: Market Research and Profitability Analysis Tool 🎉

Kepicker is a comprehensive toolkit aimed at helping Amazon sellers solidify their position in the marketplace, particularly by addressing questions like "how to sell on Amazon" and "how to make money on Amazon." The features offered by Kepicker can assist Amazon sellers in making data-driven decisions, acting more consciously in marketplaces, and ultimately increasing their sales and profits 💰. In general, the extension stands as a solution that empowers users with the tools and analyses they need to succeed on Amazon, strengthening their business processes.

The Key to Finding Profitable Products on Amazon: Kepicker

One of the most important questions for Amazon sellers is "What sells the most on Amazon?" and "What are the best-selling products on Amazon?" 🛍🛒. Kepicker provides analytical tools to help sellers find answers to these questions. Specifically, it allows sellers to explore how they can position local products on the international stage, particularly in regional market research, such as "What can I sell from Turkey on Amazon?" or "What are the best-selling products on Amazon Europe?"

Selling on Amazon and Capital Planning

Answers to financial questions like "How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?" and "How to make money on Amazon?" can vary depending on the seller's strategy and the product category they are targeting. Kepicker can provide the necessary financial data to answer questions like "How much capital do I need for Amazon?" and "How to make money on Amazon?" 📊📈📉. Especially for new sellers who have concerns like "Is it possible to make money on Amazon?" and "Is it difficult to sell on Amazon?" Kepicker guides them in financial planning and ROI (Return on Investment) calculations by analyzing market data.

Amazon Product Comparison and Research

One of the ways to succeed on Amazon is by conducting effective product research. Processes like "How to do Amazon product comparison" and "Amazon international price comparison" can be facilitated using tools like Kepicker. These tools provide detailed information on topics like "How much do products sell for on Amazon" and "What products can I sell on Amazon."

Software and Tools for Amazon

To compete in the market, sellers often seek answers to questions like "Amazon product research programs" and "What software is used for Amazon?" Kepicker also supports sellers in categories like "Amazon dropshipping software" and "Amazon competitive analysis tools." Additionally, it provides the ability to track product performance and market trends with functions like "Amazon product tracking tools" and "Amazon market research tools."

Success with Amazon FBA

"Making money with Amazon FBA" and "Amazon FBA success stories" are evidence of the popularity and effectiveness of the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. Kepicker helps sellers identify the most profitable products and plan FBA expenses on topics like "Finding Amazon FBA products," "Calculating Amazon FBA costs," and "Amazon FBA fees."

Amazon ASIN and Product Finding Tools

One of the fundamental aspects of selling on Amazon is ASIN numbers. Processes like "Finding Amazon ASIN," "Copying Amazon ASIN," and "Downloading Amazon ASIN list" are made easier with Kepicker's features like "ASIN fetcher" and "ASIN collector." The Kepicker extension provides sellers with quick access to all the information they need, including tools like "Amazon seller finder" and "Sku to ASIN converter."

Boost Your Amazon Efficiency with Kepicker 🚀

Kepicker simplifies your Amazon market research while enhancing your marketing strategies. With its fast and user-friendly interface, it outpaces similar extensions, giving you a competitive edge. Kepicker is a comprehensive platform that saves time and money for Amazon sellers, comparing all Amazon marketplaces and accelerating the process of finding the most profitable products. Sign up for free early access now and transform your approach to selling on Amazon!

Kepicker: Advanced Amazon Chrome Extension

Kepicker is a powerful and flexible solution for anyone looking to sell on Amazon. Whether you're a beginner seller or an experienced FBA user, Kepicker guides you through all your processes, from market research to profitability analysis. Try Kepicker to discover the key to success on the Amazon marketplace and stay one step ahead in your e-commerce journey.

Simplify your product research and improve your marketing strategies with Kepicker. We offer all the essential features you need for product research. Get started today 🤝 and start growing your Amazon account from now on. With our extension designed for users of all levels, you don't need to be an expert to make more profits.

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