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Software Services and R&D Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Automotive Software Development Services

Onex Software is a custom software development company with an expertise in the automotive industry. Electrification, shared mobility and technology convergence are redefining the auto industry – shifting focus from hardware to software. Onex Software offers custom automotive software engineering services that help you pioneer the new wave of smart vehicle production.

Also, our team develops solutions that support vehicle manufacturing and distribution processes. We help original equipment and parts manufacturers, dealerships, suppliers and software vendors to automate operations, engage with customers and make data-based decisions. Creation of enabling technologies for automated driving, optimization of intelligent transport systems or an increase in safety, we create solutions for future mobility and beyond.

Software Solutions & Services
Approaching new ways, developing new technologies and creating new mobile services is our task. Accelerate your R&D power with our strong automotive expertise. Contact us now for more information!

Our Automotive Industry Expertises

Logistics software development services


Onex Software helps automotive companies to enhance manufacturing workflows and customer interactions by augmented training and immersive showrooming apps. We employ ready-made 3D visualization frameworks and AR & VR kits.


From smart device integration and data processing to client application development, we build IoT ecosystems featuring car diagnostics and predictive maintenance, location-based information support and in-car infotainment.


We engineer secure and decentralized supply chain networks to track and verify automotive parts, smart contract-based payment processing systems, vehicle ledgers, identity management, as well as loyalty and reward platforms.

Uber-like platforms

Onex Software delivers digital platforms that support the sharing economy business model—B2C and peer-to-peer vehicle and ride sharing, pay-as-you-go, car rental and delivery solutions. We enable real-time measurement of spare capacity and the ability to connect dynamically that capacity with those who need it..

Automotive analytics

Onex Software sets up and extends BI infrastructures to analyze operational, inventory and vehicle service, customer sentiment, sales and transaction data coming from enterprise systems, wearable and IoT devices, cloud, PoS and mobile data, etc.

Dealership management

To set up centralized supply chain at your organization, our experts enable real-time information exchange among the geographically scattered dealers, while delivering custom features based on specific workflows of each car dealer. The Dealership Management Systems and add-ons developed by Onex Software feature inventory and customer management, deal structuring and contracting, financial programs, parts & service management, payment processing and reporting capabilities with customization options.

Automotive Software Development Studies

When do you need automotive R&D?

  • When you develop an HMI application to interact with next-generation of self-healing maps.
  • When you introduce machine learning algorithms to accelerate decision-making process.
  • When your application requires an access to all real-time data on the road.
  • When you need to bring a fast computation in cloud right to your connected car.
  • When you need to integrate the next disruptive solution with existing in-car systems.

Automotive Software Technologies