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DevOps Services – Automation for faster release

DevOps Services – Automation

In the modern-day to have continuous and progressive builds for application delivery – it is essential in today's digital world for an efficient IT system be merged seamlessly with development workflow and business.

Onex Software, a leading DevOps Consulting and DevOps Services providing Company, enables delivering large applications at the pace of client business with evolving nature of development with Agile DevOps services to automate the continuous delivery – divided into predictive, well organized and consistent ecosystem and operational workflow.

DevOps is no doubt a viral technology trend across firms, globally. And, if one has to see the true potential of DevOps, then Automation is vital. There are 4 paths that basically define organizations' success through DevOps implementation, which include: Steer inefficiency, Develop/Test, Deploy and Operate.

Why Onex Software?
We carry a strong experience of aligning ourselves with enterprise infrastructure, DevOps and other integration cycles of extreme variety and usecases.

Strategic Planning & Set up

Fast-growing consumer demand driven by the advent of digital solutions led to the replacement of critical machines with technology-driven smart solutions. Now, the world is witnessing the next stage of such smart solutions in the form of Automation! Our efficient and well planned DevOps orchestration strategy makes this possible by combining business goals, toolchains, development and operation teams together with automated and streamlined IT processes with expert DevOps consultation.

  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Environment Setup
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Build Automation

AWS CI Workflow

We combine DevOps practices with AWS services, for a more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products.

Amazon Web Services AWS CI Workflow

Azure CI Workflow

Collaborate on software development through source control, work tracking, and continuous integration and delivery using both Cloud and On-premise implementation of Azure DevOps Services.

Azure CI Workflow

Why DevOps?

  • Efficient Release strategy

    Empower continuous delivery with balanced orchestration and piping development branches into the production workflow.

  • Throughput

    Increased productivity by releasing business-critical functions at scale and new functionalities faster than the traditional cycle.

  • Quality

    Identify mistakes early before your end-users see them, by imposing automated quality checks and reducing defects across the entire development journey.

  • Stability

    Abstraction of development and production version results in a more stable version control, and availability of changes in the cases of rollbacks.