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Value-driven Custom Firebase Development for Powerful, Secure and Scalable Mobile and Web Applications! Firebase is a mobile application development platform acquired by Google which is used for building innovative, and high quality mobile applications for iOS, Android and Web apps. Turkey Software is leading Mobile app development company, serving mobile app development servicesto local and international clients for a decade. Build Better Mobile Apps to Grow your Business with Firebase!

Onex Software is an established leader in Firebase development. Google and the industry as a whole have recognized our Firebase work and educational resources. We have even been featured on Google's Firebase blog for our work with Sprynt. We can help you navigate Firebase whether to use Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, or both in projects of your own.

In Firebase development, you most likely created your project in the Firebase console. But, sometime, you may want to skip over to the Cloud console for some administrative tasks, to expand your cloud infrastructure, or make use of Cloud APIs. Onex Software is an award-winning web and mobile app development, has an excellent team of firebase developer with over 11 years’ experience in Turkey.

You have the Idea. Onex Software has the team to Develop it.
Onex Software is an established leader in Firebase development. Firebase is built on the Google framework and scales automatically, for even the largest mobile apps.

The development team implements firebase thought the use of the latest programming technologies and tools with results which have consistently reached every milestone set by clients. Our years of experience using the “Grow” part of Firebase will ensure you properly implement Google Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links for attribution, or App Indexing. We also well-versed with the Crashlytics and Fabric toolset, as well as AdWords integration.

Firebase Development Technologies

Some Features You Can Get

Build Apps Faster

Firebase provides a number of functionalities like Cloud Firestore, ML Kit, Cloud Functions, Authentication, Cloud Storage, Realtime Database, etc., which helps in creating advanced and robust web and mobile applications..

Improve App Quality

Firebase helps developers in fixing the issues with ease. It provides insights into the app’s performance and allows mobile app testing to improve the quality of the app.

Boost Your Business

Firebase provides an array of features such as In-app messaging, Google Analytics, A/B Testing, remote configuration, app indexing, cloud messaging, etc. All these features will help you grow your business effectively.

Easy Data Management

Easily manage notifications, showcase relevant in-app content and automatically link Google Adwords to the user segments in analytics.

Firebase Development Process

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a Firebase project cost?: There are many aspects that need to be considered in a project right from generating the idea to product deployment. Therefore, the cost can widely depend on the specifications used and the estimated time to complete the project.
  • How long does it take to finish the project?: The timeline is decided by the client itself. If you have a deadline in mind then, we will work hard to meet it. Mostly, a project takes a minimum time-frame of 3-7 weeks for completion.
  • What kind of businesses do you work with?: We have worked with a broad range of company types like start-ups, established corporate, non-profits, and more.

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