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Real Estate Software Development Services

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Bridging the gap between buyers and real estate businesses through technology. At Onex Software, we design and develop cutting-edge real estate IT solutions tailored to your needs, customers and goals. Real estate is a financial asset class with a global total dollar value in the trillions. The industry is still largely a "pen and pencil" business however, and technology has the potential to reshape the market.

Modern cities become more advanced every year, challenging developers and property operators to keep up with modern trends to stay successful in their business. This results in increasing number of IT projects being launched in construction and real estate management industries. Onex Software develops powerful and robust systems for optimizing, controlling, and automating all spheres of construction and real estate business. We have deep understanding of industry specifics and trends that can be converted into game-changing solutions.

How can we help you?
Developing web customized software for Real estate industry we have acquired experience in different kind of applications. With custom software development expertise gained on over 80 international software projects..

Real Estate Software Development Services

Our Real Estate Software Solutions

Real Estate CRM Solutions

Custom cloud-based CRM software solutions with smart algorithms, pipeline management, marketing automation, and rule-based notifications integrated with emails and SMS services.

On-demand Applications

Develop on-demand property booking applications with custom front-end UI, desired business logic, advanced admin dashboards, virtual tour functionality with scalability and robust in nature..

Auction/Reverse Auction Applications

Sturdy cloud-based applications to conduct offline and online auction/reverse auction of properties allowing collaboration of all stakeholders – individuals, agents, and banks.

Real Estate ERP Solutions

Obtain better visibility to meet the dynamic market conditions. With our ERP solutions which you can handle residential and commercial properties data, cash flow visibility, seamless inventory management and online leasing.

Property Management Solutions

Develop custom property management solutions that help in monitoring, administration, and supervision of properties by facilitating task automation tools and multi-property management interfaces.

VR/AR App Development

Whatever the construction project, thanks to VR technologies you can now explore the building before it’s done and really take your planning to the level of surgical precision. VR simulation has proven to be an invaluable aid to immerse yourself into your future house before spending your precious resources to make it a reality. With AR technology in app development you can use your mobile device to see how your potential renovation will affect the existing structure of your room. You can even project how an entire building is going to affect the landscape before deciding on how to build it. All these positive new ways to build better and experience the future are an awesome competitive advantage. With Onex Software they can be yours.

Real Estate CRM Management Solutions

The real estate of the future is innovative and uses advanced technology

  • Informed decision making: With the usage of digital dashboards companies can convert the unstructured data into a structured format and then visualize and generate actionable insights.
  • Compliance and risk monitoring: With real estate management platforms companies can track invoices for compliance with contractual terms or periodic review of lease contracts to avoid any potential risks.

3D/VR Real Estate Solutions