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eLearning Software Development Services

We offer eLearning & custom education software development services. Since 2011, Onex Software offers the development of e-learning solutions and educational platforms that integrate the most advanced and innovative training methodologies along with the latest trends in technology for distance learning to improve all services related to e-learning training projects.

Onex Software provides full-cycle development of instructional management solutions. We create educational and e-learning software applications for corporate education and general use. The educational software development will, sooner or later, bring about new possibilities for everyone, giving students personalized study plans, unusual tasks to solve, and easier access to knowledge that would have been gated off previously.

Get a lesson in innovative eLearning solutions.
Owing to our years-long experience in eLearning development we create solutions that meet client's requirements and help to see what can produce the desired results better. Projects in our portfolio are both technically sound and commercially successful.

ELearning Mobile Applications

Custom eLearning software services

Educational Platforms and Online Courses

Educational platforms such as Coursera and Udemy are known as trusted providers of up to date knowledge and new skills. We will help you become one of their kind by creating a unique educational platform drawing from your own vision.

School Management and Administration Software

School management software eases up the administrative burden processing admissions, enrollment and registration, student demographics, attendance, and more. Onex Software will create this irreplaceable tool and size it up to the unique needs of your educational institution or company.

LMS Learning Management Systems

There are some ready-made E-learning solutions like Moodle, Open Edx, or JoomlaLMS. However, there is always a place for newer and better ideas and projects. Our team is ready to build a brand new LMS tailored to your needs or customize an existing one if it lacks some crucial features.

Talent Development Systems

Four pillars of talent management systems that are addressed by TDS are recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management. Our team can develop TDS' both for small businesses and international enterprises.

Other eLearning Solutions:
  • Online Communication Software
  • Game-Based Learning Platforms
  • Real-Time Simulations Systems
  • Quiz Apps

Digital Education Solutions

Our LMS developers are fully developed in all EdTech aspects for a variety of industries

  • Education Sector: Students learn best when they are engaged in the learning process. With Onex Software's custom e-learning development services, you can receive EdTech solutions for your school, training center, or organization; hence, offer 24/7 help to your students.
  • Corporate Environment: Custom e-learning platforms exclusive for the corporate sector and tailored to save money that companies spend on classroom breeding of their employees. Onex Software delivers top-notch corporate education software to satisfy all your learners' needs.
  • Business Industry: E-learning caters to the needs of the business sector enabling revenue growth by providing online courses. For this reason, Onex Software specialists render assistance in creating Edu platforms that are not only about authoring but also providing methods of course monetization.

LMS - E-Learning Software Development