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Amazon DynamoDB Database Services

Our technical expertise and dedicated team provides high-quality services to Amazon DynamoDB. Onex Software is a leading Amazon DynamoDB development company to develop and deliver robust database support systems for building applications across various industries. Leveraging NoSQL database services of popular Amazon DynamoDB, we build faster, flexible and highly functional mobile applications leveraging expert DynamoDB development services. With DynamoDB, we create database tables that can store and retrieve any amount of data, and serve any level of request traffic.

DynamoDB suffers from specific constraints; be that as it may, these restrictions don't really make immense issues or block strong improvement.

Our flagship PHP MySQL solutions are an astounding proof of our mobile and web development expertise. Working across multiple domains and business verticals, we have mastered the best process methodologies, and that is how we offer most comprehensive solutions with unique ideas. Trusted by leaders of business domains, we are the most reliable development team who have enjoyed long-term associations with esteemed clients.

Let's Create Big Stories Together
Onex Software's AWS DynamoDB Developer provides fast and flexible NoSQL database services of Amazon DynamoDB for any scale. We have stood the test of time, and built some of the finest mobile apps for over 1000 clients around the world.

We worked with Dynamodb and PHP for couple of years with our client projects. Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database that can be used to ingest data at low latencies because it doesn't require adherence to the traditional RDMS structure. It also supports both document and key-value data models. Companies in the social, mobile, gaming, or advertising space have sub-millisecond requirements when it comes to processing their data and use a NoSQL database such as DynamoDB to store their interactions. Onex Software abstracts several hierarchies of key-value pairs through the native connector for DynamoDB and allows this data to be analyzed in an analytics database such as Redshift so that companies can better understand their user interactions.

Build Serverless Wep App on Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB Database Development Services

Serverless Web Apps

At Onex Software, we build powerful web applications that automatically scale up and down. You don't need to maintain servers, and your apps can have highly automated availability.

Mobile Backend Development

Use DynamoDB and AWS AppSync to build interactive mobile and web apps with real-time updates, offline data access, and data sync with built-in conflict resolution. Amazon DynamoDB takes care of operational tasks so that you can focus on your apps.


Using DynamoDB as a serverless data store to build scalable and reusable microservices for consistent and fast performance.

Amazon DynamoDB API with the AWS Mobile SDK for Android

Advantages of DynamoDB

  • Enterprise Ready: Amazon DynamoDB supports ACID transactions to allow you to build business apps at scale. DynamoDB encodes all data by default and provides identity and access control on all your tables.
  • Serverless: Amazon Web Services DynamoDB automatically scales tables up and down to maintain the performance and fix the capacity. Fault tolerance and availability are built-in, and it eliminates the need to architect your apps for these capabilities.
  • Performance: DynamoDB supports some of the most massive scale apps by providing consistent, single-digit response times at any scale. You can build apps with virtually unlimited storage and throughput.

Database DynamoDB App