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When it comes to AngularJS strategy, design, development, migrations, integrations, support, maintenance and more, Onex Software has the experience to help enterprises get the most out of this amazing framework. Built your dynamic angularjs web applications and mobile applications with Best Angularjs development company. Using the scalable, reliable, self-sufficient, and multifunctional framework. There’s no better solution for real time applications development.

Organizations looking to build HTML5 mobile solutions using a leading framework come to Onex Software for help because our AngulasJS developers and experts are known for their ability to create innovate, high performance, rich and robust HTML5-based applications that can meet their business and IT needs. Along with creating AngularJS mobile applications to be feature-packed and highly functional, all AngularJS solutions by Onex Software are built to be scalable, sustainable and secure.

Our team of adept and knowledgeable professionals have relevant experience in AngularJS application development. With our assistance, you can get cross platform applications that have high speed & performance, offline and zero step installation, improved dependency injections, enhanced scope, and more. Additionally, to ensure our clients get best services, we organise weekly training programmes, wherein we discuss new concepts & methods to reach desired milestones, which collectively helps our company standout from others.

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With regards to fabricate a superb dynamic, adaptable just as scalable single page application, AngularJS is one of the prominent open source systems since this front-end javascript structure, developed by Google can satisfy every one of the requirements of dynamic application improvement. AngularJS – the customer side MVC architecture licenses the usage of HTML in formation of designs which makes it less difficult for the developer to especially demonstrate the modules of the application.

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Why AngularJS?

Why AngularJS


Angular is supported by Google – a company with an exceptional reputation, which ensures the long-term support of this JavaScript framework and regularly releases improvements. An extended developer community also facilitates project development and support experience.


Angular used to perform worse than other frameworks, such as React, because of bidirectional data binding that it uses. However, the most recent update brought Angular back into the competition. Today, it is one of the best-performing web development JS frameworks.


Angular apps are TypeScript-based and have a fixed structure. It makes Angular more suitable for larger projects and ensures the scalability. Also, since Angular is a thoroughly documented and standardized programming language, an Angular development team can easily start working on the already existing project.


Angular does not require any additional libraries or modules to be used. The framework has all the features and functions necessary for a full-fledged web and mobile development. The usage of Ionic or NativeScript for mobile development is optional.


Angular supports dependency injection, bidirectional data binding, data mutability, change detection, component-based routing, and form validation. All the essential functions can be implemented with the means of the Angular package.


Angular has an embedded Material Design Toolset. It features numerous buttons, form controls, layouts, and pop-ups. The UI configuration process is simpler and more effective with Angular development services.

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If you want to hire AngularJs developer, you need to choose the one who can understand your needs and complete projects within specified time. Work with Onex Software and see the difference. Do you want to know more about Angular JS development? Call us! Our professionals are more than happy to guide you. 24x7 JavaScript Support & Maintenance...

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