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Java has grown deeply into the FinTech, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Telecommunications, BI and other industries. Create secure and powerful applications with top Java developers at Onex Software! All the solutions we craft are dynamic, secure and sustain stability even under the great heck of loads. Honed over the space of almost 11 years since Onex Software was born, our Java development expertise has been a driver behind a multitude of complex IT projects.

Java is a programming language used by millions of developers to create powerful applications for various businesses. More than half of the world's best-known applications are powered by Java, a distinctive factor that asserts why you should use it to orchestrate the future state of your business. rom single-page apps to elaborate enterprise-grade systems our Java developers are ready to make it a hit. To date, Onex Software track record includes 30 middle & large-scale (3000+ man-hours each) Java projects completed.

We have a wealth of expertise and experience in using Java to develop Billing, Ordering, Rating, Invoicing, CRM, Document Management, Time Management and a variety of other B2B, B2C, and B2E applications.

Need outsourcing Java development services?
Hire your Java development team. Talk to our experts to know how we can help you with your business needs. If your organization needs a custom Java-based solution to be implemented and integrated but has no in-house programming department to do it, hire Java programmers here at Onex Software.

We remain your technical partner throughout the full development cycle. From the project onset to support and further enhancements, we become a part of your team on the way to your dream software. From e-government solutions to paid subscription SaaSs, CMSs and more, Onex Software has the experience and know-how to help your business benefit from Java-based solutions. You'll wonder how your business ever lived without it. We tailor our Java development services to the specific product goals, timeframes and budget, by ensuring high quality and transparency at every level of the development process.

Java Development Clients

Our Java Development solutions

Health & Wellness

EHR/EMR, patient portals, medical practice management solutions, sports and fitness applications etc.

EHR/EMR, patient portals, medical practice management solutions, sports and fitness applications etc.

LMS, educational platforms and online courses, school management software, etc.

E-commerce & Digital Marketing

Supply chain and inventory management software, POS software, chatbots, etc..

Media & Entertainment

Video/audio streaming platforms, digital asset management systems, social networks, etc.

Banking & Finance

Payroll management software, insurance software, stock exchange systems, personal finance apps etc.

Business Intelligence & Data Integration

Behavior tracking & engagement analytics software, data mining software, BAM software, etc.

SaaS Development Services

SaaS is in high demand among businesses as a way to dramatically reduce costs, increase productivity, and avoid paying excessively for new IT infrastructures. Thanks to our expertise in custom Java software development, businesses can be sure their IT demands will be taken care of without breaking budgets.

PaaS Development Services

Outsourcing your platform to Redwerk's Java experts is a great way to save on development costs while also improving the quality of the services you provide. Offering third-party developers access to your API is the key to market success.

Java Development Services

What Are the Benefits That Can Make You a Happy Client?

Why Onex Software is a Trusted Java Web and Mobile Application Development Services Provider:

  • Quick Start: With us, you, as our client, have the ability to allocate 1-2 well-proven Java developers to your project almost at once. We can put together a Java development team on your behalf within a timeframe of 3-7 weeks.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Being a Turkey Java development service provider, we offer a stupendous value-for-money ratio. Our very moderate prices can spare you a significant part of your regular development costs.
  • Engineers Tailored for You: Our approach to Java development is tailored to long-term strategic relationships. We cultivate a client-driven attitude by training our Java developers (especially, Junior Java developers) in the specifics of clients' projects in advance.
  • Fast Team Extension: We boast a strong Recruitment team that focuses on hiring Java developers nationwide and has a strong affiliation with the local Java developer community. Also, we have a Java Bench Team to enable quicker Java hires.

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