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POC - Proof Of Concept
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Safely explore business-boosting concepts before taking them to market – with robust testing, project predictions and expert roadmapping. As soon as you've defined your requirements, we'll create the scope, timeline and budget to get started on your PoC development. We'll then run through our tried and tested framework, demo your product and be on hand to support development.

During proof of concept designs, Onex Software team focuses on the core concept of the application to demonstrate the idea to potential users of your application. It is extremely important to estimate the potential of a project prior to its delivery. This could be termed as a PoC (proof of concept), which indeed is the first and the most important stage of Blockchain development. A POC allows organizations to gather response about the potential and feasibility of a product or a service while providing stakeholders an opportunity to evaluate design choices that too during early stages of development. However, a successful blockchain PoC starts with a sound strategy and includes defining existing and anticipated business processes, identifying risks and limitations while creating an architecture and prototype for the same.

Create your tech product idea to build innovative web and mobile projects for attracting funds and accelerating your solution. Having an idea is just the beginning of every project. To demonstrate its feasibility and practical potential, you’ll need a Proof of Concept. A Proof of Concept (POC) can either be a Prototype without code or an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with a minimal feature set. The Prototype is needed for the organization-internal decision makers such as the Board of Directors, CEO, or others, who first need to sign off on a project before it starts.

Why choose Sofocle to help you jumpstart your Digital Transformation Project. Our Proof of Concept Service is unique. We help you present a potential solution/idea to the decision-makers in your organization to secure further resources for the full development of the product. Decision makers always want to reduce risks, and we understand your need to show the viability of the project with minimal resources.

  • Re-usable code
  • Scalability
  • Usability
  • Backup of Data or Code
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Multi-browser Support
  • Reliability
  • Documentation
  • Concurrency

As part of our proof of concept in software development services we also help you in crystalizing your product or application concept. During proof of concept development services, Addon web solutions team focuses on the core concept of the application to demonstrate the idea to potential users of your application. Whether you’re looking for standard information such as licensing and support options, training and consulting offers, or something more technically specific like Saga support, sample code and performance baselines, we will work with you to ensure your proof-of-concept software development runs as smoothly as possible.

Onex Software is the name you frequently hear when it comes to PoC development because we are a leading PoC development service providing company offering exceptional values through our services. We commit to deliverables and go to all extent to keep our end of assurances.

  • Medical records management
  • Identity management
  • Insurance policies
  • Voting trackers
  • Record storage
  • Legal documents
Proof of Concept Development Company
  • Research and idea validation
  • Designing and developing a prototype
Next-gen software solutions
Proof of Concept

Every project is unique, and we may require different things from you, however, traditionally, the list is as follows:

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist.
  • High-level project requirements.
  • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups.
  • Client’s availability - a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions.
  • Project deadlines.
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  • AI/ML
  • Computer Vision
  • Blockchain
  • Embedded Software
  • IoT
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Content Distribution
  • AR/VR/MR
  • AI/ML

    Solutions delivering analytics, product recommendations, cognitive computing, and predictive analytics.

  • Computer Vision

    Solutions for object, movement, pattern recognition, object tracking, video content analysis.

  • Blockchain

    Solutions for securing verifiable transactions, maintaining and tracking transactional data, analyzing transaction flow and wealth distribution.

  • Embedded Software

    Creating software for machines and devices - wearable gadgets, appliances, industrial machines, etc.

  • IoT

    Consumer gadgets, smart home healthcare solutions, computer numerical controls, DSP and network solutions.

  • Automation and Robotics

    Solutions for remote process control, equipment monitoring, production line automation; electronics driven by firmware, MCUs, sensors, and algorithms.

  • Content Distribution

    Smart TV solutions, video capturing and processing software, media content distribution systems, instant messengers with video sharing features, and interactive video conferencing solutions.

  • AR/VR/MR

    Business and game apps facilitating knowledge-sharing, employee onboarding, field service management, and immersification.

  • Tech Engagement

  • Software Innovation

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