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Node.js Development Company

NodeJS Development Company

Node.js embodies the power to build faster and scalable real-time applications. Strengthen your back-end with event-driven and speedy Node js development. Node JS - open-source framework that effectively executes JavaScript code and ensures constant connection with server. It is used to build a real-time web applications that demand processing of many requests and have to deal with large data.

Node.js represents a multipurpose platform for web applications that can be used to develop standard web applications on the server-side, where it can control a large number of occurring connections in a non-blocking way. Any business, from startups and SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, can benefit from the use of Node.js, which allows creating fast and scalable web apps, such as Uber, GoDaddy and has also become the de facto standard at Dow Jones.

Onex Software - Turkey Software team includes developers recognized as NodeJS Contributors. We have proven dedication to the technology and understand the core aspects of project creation on Node.js, adhering to common development practices that contribute to the successful code.

Major world brands have migrated their legacy applications to NodeJS - Have you?
Startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies use Node.js for various desktop applications, real-time applications, mobile and web applications, full-stack development, and even large scale applications.

Our baggage of 8+ years experience in developing software projects and partnership with different clients let us recommend Node JS and guarantee that it does not lose to other frameworks and environments. This framework saves resources every customer cares about - money and time. Its advantages really worth attention and investments.

Node JS Projects

Why is Node JS chosen as a prior technology for certain projects?

Thousands of libraries

Node Package Manager (NPM) consists of thousands of open source libraries.

Inexpensive Development Cycle

The technology is very rich in features, requiring less resources to accomplish big projects.

Faster Development Process

Compared with other technologies, it takes much less time to develop NodeJS based solutions.

Robust Client-app Communication

A Node.js application can handle N number or client application requests at one time.

Front and Back-end Development

Node.js, a JavaScript-based technology will speed up both back-end and front-end applications


Node.js offers high scalability to handle heavy application loads.

Improved Productivity

Faster + scalable = higher productivity

Highly Secured

The technology provides fully reliable, robust, secure architecture

Why Choose Node.JS Development

NodeJS advantages

If you've decided on Node.js as a framework to get your web app or local server built without the headache, you've clearly made the right choice.

  • Cross-platform development: Build NodeJS apps that run on Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, NonStop, and Unix servers effortlessly.
  • Universal-scale language: Now JavaScript is not only client-side scripting language but it is also meant for server-side coding.
  • Built on V8 engine: As NodeJs is built on V8 engine by Google and uses single thread - event loop - you can create swift and multitasking apps.

Node JS Development