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Custom Telecom Software Development

Custom Telecom Software Development

Cut costs and save time on building high-performance telecom software solutions with Onex Software Setting up a communications platform for your business is an enormous challenge. There are infinite moving parts, numerous applications and protocols that must communicate with each other, and tremendous difficulty involved in all of the above. Onex Software takes the worry out of the telecom software process. Rely on our experienced programmers to stop the roadblocks before they happen and get your telecommunications up and running.

Since 2011, Onex Software follows the best practices for successfully providing telecom software development services. We partner with startups, small businesses and large communication companies from the Turkey, US, Europe, and the UK.

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Do you have a software development project to implement? We have people to work on it. We will be glad to answer all your questions as well as estimate any project of yours. Use the form below to describe the project and we will get in touch with you within 2 business days.

Telecom Software Technologies

Our Telecom Software Development Services

Custom Telecom Development

Onex Software successfully creates medium and large scale projects within the telecom field. We are experienced in back-end/front-end programming and mobile telecommunication apps development. The products we have developed for our customers are used by over 10 million people worldwide.

Third-Party Software Integration

We use API connectivity approach that allows us to integrate existing technologies rather than waste valuable time reinventing the wheel. Integrating APIs is a great way to develop telecom software solutions with the lowest possible costs and time.

Dedicated Development Teams

Having a dedicated team with Onex Software provides our clients with final products of great quality. We can boost cost efficiency by at least 40% in comparison with other regions for outsourcing.

Telecom Software Testing Services

We provide QA Automation together with Manual testing. This mixed approach has allowed Onex Software to ensure high-quality software development process and reduce the budget for testing processes by up to 30%.

We'll Help You

  • Value-added services: Onex Software brings in multi-disciplinary expertise to help you expand beyond the basic service offering. Provision your subscribers with infotainment and utility services that leverage third-party APIs, and benefit from automated accounting and billing.
  • Network management: Relying on the ISO FCAPS model, we build network management solutions that empower telecom companies to configure and monitor their pool of physical and virtual network resources, while ensuring a high level of service availability, reliability and security.
  • Enterprise apps: Besides telecom-specific solutions, we implement, deploy and modify custom enterprise systems for operations automation and unified orchestration, and enable data interchange across them.
  • Pushing telecom infrastructures to the cloud: Itransition enables cloud architectures to automate resource utilization and service lifecycle management of communication service providers. By developing ad-hoc middleware, our experts perform network functions virtualization, disburdening clients from having custom hardware appliances for each network function and assuming elastic scalability that cloud platforms offer.
  • Enterprise service bus: Telecom ESB provides for data synchronization across disparate business critical systems — monitoring and analytical systems, network administration solutions, enterprise apps, client and partner portals.