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Embedded Software & Hardware Development Services

Embedded Software Design and Development Services

We provide embedded software design services for Machine to Machine (M2M) communication systems, as well as for stand-alone devices for a range of applications. Onex Software's embedded software services team has more than few decades of collective development experience that can help you differentiate your products exceptionally well and develop them swiftly.

With our help, you can build safe and cost-effective embedded systems that are easy to operate and ensure maximum performance with the lowest power consumption. You are always welcome to our electronic design house where you can deliver your projects and bring ideas to life.


  • Single Point for All Developments: Onex Software can take care of all your embedded software development needs right from design specification to maintenance.
  • Technology and Expertise: We have been working with leading vendors and technologies in the field for the past many years across domains.
  • Flexible Engagement Model: Onex Software offers the best IT talent under different engagement models suitable for particular customer and activity.

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Embedded Software Design & Development Services

As an embedded software development company, we design, code and test software for embedded systems from bootloader to GUI or software for end users. We provide outsourcing embedded software engineering services include firmware and device driver development, board support package development for multiple operating systems including Android, Linux, RTOS, and software development for single board computers.


Board Support Package (BSP) development


Driver development


Firmware development


Software development for SBCs

Onex Software' versatile experience enables us to offer turn-key embedded software services in a number of technological domains. We create solutions of various types, from server monitoring and diagnostic suites, virtualization, backup and data migration solutions to custom kernels, bootloaders, drivers, BSPs, GUIs and applications.

  • IoT development from firmware to applications and services for remote device management and control
  • Solutions for a variety of platforms and architectures (x86, ARM, DSP, AVR8/32, RISC, CISC, SHARC, PLCPIC, etc.)
  • Cross-platform development
  • Porting of kernels, bootloaders and BSP (Board Support Packages) adaptation and extension
  • Smart house systems
  • Databases, including small footprint databases
  • Cross-architecture migration, e.g. from RTOS's to embedded Linux environment
  • Porting of Android to new architectures and platforms
  • Development of device drivers
  • Device compatibility verification for Android Compatibility Definition Standards
  • Management and control of industry-standard servers
  • Manual and automated testing on all soſtware development phases (module, integration, system and acceptance tests)
  • Mobile applications development to control remote devices (iOS, Android)
  • Implementation, integration and extension of network protocols

Embedded Hardware Design and Development Services

Embedded Hardware Design & Development Services

As part of our hardware design services we provide embedded product design and development for a wide range of embedded systems, from small-scale embedded components based on a single 8- or 16-bit microcontroller to sophisticated embedded systems with increased security requirements, 64-bit processors, and a rich collection of peripherals and I/O capabilities. Our engineers are certified hardware experts who keep up to speed with the latest advances in the field of electronic design services.

Our embedded hardware design services include simple and complex designs from concept to production. We build embedded systems for modern devices, both consumer and industrial. Telecom, consumer electronics, medicine, education – see the range of services we provide to implement embedded hardware for these application areas:


PCB design & layout


FPGA design


Prototyping and assembly


Testing, validation, and certification


Preparing for manufacturing