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Istanbul Software

Development Company

We are a team of software experts based in Istanbul with diverse experience in developing highly functional websites, bespoke softwares, mobile apps, entegrations, API and complex ERP systems. And our mission is to build the most reliable and secure IT solutions to ensure security and enable growth of our customers. Being a leading Custom Software Development Company in Istanbul, our immense expertise has helped us to cater to an array of industries.


  • Web Application Development & Design

  • Mobile App Development

  • Bespoke Software Development

  • API, Systems & Apps Integration

  • Consulting & Professional Services



Istanbul Web

Development Company

Onex Yazılım is a Istanbul based software development company specializing in web technologies. We work with highly stable, proven software development technologies for the web. Developing skills on any web software technology platform takes time and our driving principle is to invest and build on our experience and knowledge on selected platforms that are the most flexible in their utility and extensive in their ability.

This enables us to deliver on project completion time-frames and also allows us to put into place best implementation practices that are constantly refined for efficiency and quality. As a web software development company, we have a large number of clients from the Greater Istanbul area. We also have a sizable number of global clients who utilize our web and software development services.


Mobile App Development

Company in Istanbul

When marketing your app, it has to be a unique one. At Onex Yazılım - Istanbul's Software Company, we provide unparalleled solutions, steering your product towards success. As a pro-convergence app development company, we employ agile methodology in our projects and offer human-centric mobile app solutions by synergizing UX, smart consultation, bots, AIs, IoT and other latest technologies in the market.

With being top app developers Istanbul, our team consists of highly experienced professionals with years of industry exposure, helping clients generate desired results within the stipulated time and budget.




Looking for Istanbul

Software Companies?

There are many different types of software development companies in Istanbul. We can divide them into three parts, based on: The programming language they use: Different software companies in Istanbul specialize in different programming languages including PHP, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JAVA, JavaScript and more. Some of them adopt their clients’ technologies, while others keep their focus on one or a few stacks.

The solutions they offer: Some of the Istanbul software developers specialize in building websites, others in building apps or desktop solutions. However, there are also agencies that have experience in building complex operating systems and/or specialize in developing data science, cloud computing, IoT, AI and other solutions.

The industries they serve: Most of the software development companies in Istanbul are flexible in terms of the industries they serve, while some specialize in particular niches. You may find that Istanbul developers tend to have the most experience working with clients in the locally dominant industries such as retail, fashion and publishing.


Software Systems

PHP-based portals and web administration software systems.. Onex Yazılım are working with startups and established companies across the globe to produce complex software systems. Clients are in safe hands with Onex Yazılım. Our design experience elevates good ideas into great products, and our technical capabilities are world class, and geared towards delivering results.

Onex Yazılım has in-house PHP developers delivering feature-rich websites and software systems with highly functional custom-tailored solutions that will set customers apart from the competition. Bespoke CMS tools to push content to apps and websites, publishing backends, enterprise systems, PHP-based portals and administration solutions.




We build big ideas

We're professional geeks. We help businesses and organisations around the world to build software products and platforms that amaze and impress their end users. From initial concept through to deployment, our passionate team of designers, developers, engineers and consultants have a proven track record of developing and delivering on a client's vision. We design, develop and deploy software products and platforms.

We start by helping our clients to understand their requirements in detail, and then specialise in developing rich software solutions to fulfil those requirements. From SaaS products to mission-critical management platforms, we work with our clients on a collaborative basis to deliver a solution that delivers value both to the business and their end-user. Using the latest best-in-class technologies, our team of engineers, consultants and developers work together to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. We build automated deployments and scalable cloud APIs. Our engineers will make sure your mobile app, web app or systems never fail because of bad planning.

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