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Onex Software: Bespoke Software Development Company

Use the power of business intelligence - We offer bespoke software solutions that are tailored to the exact requirements of your company. Bespoke software applications can represent a better choice than the standard solutions, the so called off-the-shelf software (that are designed for everyone). As opposite to them, bespoke software is unique and specially developed for you. As opposed to mass-produced shelf software, bespoke applications are custom-written for a particular purpose and a particular client. This allows for a more tailored approach during development: taking the client’s business processes into account, choosing the best possible metrics and tools, and remaining open to implementing changes at any time. As your Digital Transformation partner, we will be with you every step of the way - from initial planning to delivery, and beyond. Our professional software developers create bespoke software products, apps and operational systems for SMEs, enterprise, not-for-profit, government and funded start-ups.

Bespoke Software Development Company

Looking for Reliable Bespoke Software Development Agency?

Leverage custom-made software solutions and data analysis to improve your business processes - Business needs bespoke software. Being flexible and scalable, bespoke software increases business output and reduces costs in the long run. As a result, it brings the high ground to your enterprise. Let's make it happen. To win as a service-based business, you’ve got to move faster and know more. What’s stopping you? Let’s break through with digital tools attuned to your exact needs. We have helped some Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley Startups with our bespoke software services. Tell us your vision - together, we’ll turn custom software into your company’s competitive advantage. Looking for bespoke web development? Being an Agile bespoke software development company, we have lean mindset and follow engineering best practices to ensure quick turnaround and bug-free delivery of products. Technology is transforming the way we buy, sell, and do everything. We help clients unlock potential and fuel growth with software development services. Breaking through blockers not only gives you the best chance to win - it has the potential to disrupt your industry’s game completely.

Bespoke Software Development Services: Predictable. Measurable. Agile.

Bespoke Software Development

Successful products, services or brands do not happen by chance. They are a result of a well-thought, well-designed and well-developed business strategy strongly supported by dedicated software solutions. Well-designed bespoke systems or applications are those that keep things simple. They take account of your business processes, apply the best tools, and allow you to keep full control as you grow your company.

Software consulting
Custom software development
Software product development
Software development outsourcing

Web Application Development

Onex Software's web app team provides a full range of custom web application development services: business analysis, UI/UX design, both front-end and back-end development, QA testing, maintenance and support. We use our accumulated experience to develop genuine, technically advanced applications that are highly usable and ergonomic. Whether you work in the office, at home or on the way to the airport - run your business online. We automate complex systems, making them simple to use and maintain no matter where you are.

Web Design & Development
MVP and Proof of Concept
CMS Website Development
eCommerce Websites
Payment Systems Integration
UI/UX Design
Content Migration

Mobile app development

The mobile industry is growing, rapidly changing the world of software development. More and more often, mobile apps turn out to be synonyms of extremely successful companies, such as Snapchat or Uber. Mobile visibility becomes crucial if you want to win new customers. With us, you can build powerful, intuitive applications loved by large numbers of users.


IT Consulting

Our experts can help to develop and implement an effective IT strategy, assist in smooth digital transformation and system integration as well as advise on improvements to your digital customer experience. Technology can no longer be considered just a part of any business, it now has to be at its very heart. And, in our opinion, IT consulting is not just about giving advice but creating the best solutions that will give your company the edge. No matter the scale or structure of your organisation, the goal is to create the most efficient solution for you that goes alongside your business objectives and product roadmaps.

Solution consulting
Application lifecycle support: from planning to maintenance
Platform consulting
Enterprise IT consulting

Data Analytics

We support businesses in achieving fact-based decision-making by converting their historical and real-time, traditional and big data into actionable insights. Our services are tailored to make the raw data and the environment ready, as well as strengthen the business with advanced analytics capabilities.

Big data consulting and implementation
Machine and deep learning
Big data analytics
Data quality management
BI consulting and implementation

Embedded Development Services

Full Cycle of Embedded software development including design, coding, testing, customization and optimization services. We help businesses develop smart, integrated solutions that combine sleek hardware and sophisticated user interfaces with powerful software and connectivity capabilities.

Infrastructure Services

We apply our 10-year experience to offer a full set of infrastructure services. We can help to maintain and modernize your IT infrastructure and solve various infrastructure-specific issues a business may face.

Managed IT support
Data center management, support, monitoring and integration
Cloud consulting, management, security, migration and monitoring
DevOps consulting and implementation
Virtual desktop consulting, implementation and support

PoC Development Services

It is extremely important to estimate the potential of a project prior to its delivery. This could be termed as a PoC (proof of concept), which indeed is the first and the most important stage of Blockchain development.

Requirement Gathering and Project Understanding
ROI Assessment and Value Derived
MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Pilot or Live Implementation
Bespoke Software Development Services
turkey it services

The Perfect Technology Partner For Bespoke Software Development

We know how to apply leading-edge technologies to your enterprise to enable new efficiencies while sustaining business continuity. Work with our skillful full-stack web developers. We manage web development projects with the latest technologies, ensuring that you deliver a unique experience to your users. Staying ahead of your competition is important and one way this can be achieved is by streamlining your business processes to be more efficient and provide a better service. Off-the-shelf software package simply do not meet all companies requirements. This is when businesses use a software house to develop a bespoke application specifically for their needs. You don’t need to know how to develop custom business software to win with digital innovation. At Onex Software, we speak your language and take up your cause to build business software that truly serves you. You are the expert on your operation. Let us turn your expertise into growth.

Looking for other services?

Driving Innovation Through Groundbreaking Technology - Delivering on-demand mobile app experiences for startups and enterprise clients by leveraging the latest technologies. We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge engineering solutions, helping global companies and established brands reimagine their business by building impactful digital engineering solutions powered by the latest technologies. Check out the other services that we have in our range. We deliver high-quality products on time. Hassle-free.

Big data

Tame your big data through robust solutions that empower data collection, storage, processing and analysis. Our big data experts make data science serve the enterprises striving to harness complex data processing operations.

Services we offer:
Consulting and implementation
Data governance
Support and evolution
Data security
Machine learning

Get solutions that can depict the trickiest patterns and dependencies. Onex Software's data scientists explore and prepare data using interactive data analysis and visualization techniques for creating machine learning models. Onex Software also offers supervised and unsupervised learning. We also work with pretrained models if required.

Selected solutions:
Forecasting tools
Image recognition
Fraud detection
Predictive maintenance
Text Analysis
Data Visualization
Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from improved decision-making and revamped business processes. Combining our data science expertise with practical domain knowledge, we deliver AI consulting services and integrated solutions to address real business challenges.

Selected solutions:
Analytical AI
Interactive AI
Functional AI
Text and visual AI
Computer Vision

Derive actionable insights from images and videos. Designed to give machines the ability to visually sense the world, computer vision solutions are leading the way of innovation.

Selected solutions:
Detection of visual defects and anomalies
Barcode verification and validation
Recognition of item location and positioning
3D modelling and mapping
Internet of Things

Collect, store, analyze sensor data and build ‘smart' operations. At Onex Software, we seamlessly integrate IoT edge devices, gateways, and cloud platforms to provide you with a robust IoT ecosystem. Our team works with you to bring your IoT ideas from strategy to implementation and add significant value to your business.

Service we offer:
Industrial IoT
Embedded Software
Android Firmware
Hardware Design
Augmented Reality

Blur the line between the virtual world and reality to represent and interpret content in a new way. Increase productivity in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with comprehensive AR tools for visualization collaboration, and quality control.

Our AR apps are capable of:
Environmental understanding
Image recognition
Motion tracking
Light estimation

How can we help you?

High performance software for high performing businesses - It’s a common occurrence when off-the-shelf products can’t address all company needs. Your business process and workflow are crucial and disruption of existing processes is never a good option. At this stage, many small, medium, and big companies consider custom software development services as a way to avoid that. This approach is cost-effective and, more importantly, gives you the feeling of complete ownership over the development process. We design and implement advanced custom software solutions and mobile apps to simplify your business problems. With our latest technology focus, agile methodology & DevOps combined with cost effective digital solutions, you can innovate and optimize your business performance. As a custom software development company, we specialize in spectrum of technologies in front-end and back-end. Onex Software’s mission is to construct innovative software that delights customers and is delivered on time and within budget.

The Technology Powering Our Custom Software

At Onex Software we focus on the positives and eliminate the unnecessary to get to the core of your needs. This approach allows us to design, build and maintain the best custom software solutions for our clients. We are constantly on the lookout for new techs that progress beyond the initial hype and go on to change the game for the entire industry. We have mastered the latest and greatest of web, mobile, and cross-platform techs to provide you with a powerful, made-to-measure stack for your project. As an software firm, we take the perspectives of our clients and their diverse claims in bespoke software development. To help you achieve your goals, we enhance our capacities by working with various programming languages, platforms, and new technologies. Solid technology and expert programmers to deliver your ideal bespoke software. The list of what we can do is given below.


Onex Software specialists create robust web-based software solutions and consumer-centric applications tailored to your business needs. We help companies to launch into new markets, optimize and automate business processes, and enhance competitiveness. We are experienced in media and entertainment, automotive, game development, medical & healthcare, the public sector, banking, gambling, and more. Working with Onex Software ensures that your solution is adapted to your industry, thanks to our expertise working for leading companies in the following verticals:



Manufacturing / Retail

Real Estate



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If you are reading this then you already know you could benefit from our services 😊 Ready to gain competitive advantage? We listen, develop and provide you with a bespoke software solution tailored to your business needs and budget. Let’s talk about your product!

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