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A Custom ERP Development Company that can develop and deliver a custom ERP Solution based on your business requirements and to help you grow your business exponentially by automating all your reoccuring tasks. With ERP Software Development for resource planning and functional management, you will be able to bring in strategic consistency in your business. Reorganizing can be extremely tiring process in various verticals including procurement, manufacturing, services, and sales. In order to tower your sales and ensure best service for customers, customized ERP Software Development Company as this will help you overcome business challenges. We are the most trusted ERP software development company that has delivered various custom ERP solutions across the industry vertical or the e-business suite. Our experienced ERP professionals helping companies from the very basic to empower the business value. Based on the customer’s requirements, we use the combination of technology and business expertise that helps our customers to achieve sustainable business growth.

Custom Erp Development Services

Modern, Integrated, Custom ERP Solutions

We have already ensured our quality and responsibility by developing a great number of ERP solutions for the customers from Europe. Onex Software is among top custom ERP software development companies that deliver perfect enterprise solutions, focusing on your business success. Use our advanced ERP systems and increase your company efficiency. Our ERP developers deal with complex implementation projects, including third-party solutions and legacy applications that may become an obstacle during the integration process. Our engineers are experienced in developing custom ERP systems and integrating them with any other business systems like CRM, Supplier, Order & Purchase systems, HR & Payroll management systems, inventory management, e.g. With Onex Software you are trusting in a team of professionals who specialise in custom solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of your company. After all, you are the person that understands the daily challenges facing your business better than anyone. Our ERP software development team will go above and beyond to ensure that your business has a structure that works efficiently across all departments. So, if you are looking for ERP software development company which can help you build a comprehensive enterprise solution, we are the ones you want to approach!

ERP Software Development Services & Functional Areas

Inventory and Warehouse Management

This module creates data-based reports about non-capitalized stock and assets. It is important to ascertain the health of the supply chain and finance of the balance sheet. This module offers a streamlined workflow, tracks the stock account and minimizes complexities. With Our ERP inventory management solutions, businesses or enterprises can easily manage all their business operations, finances, logistics, and inventory in one place. Order to cash, order entry, credit checking, pricing, available to promise, inventory, shipping, sales analysis and reporting, sales commissioning.

Human Resource Management

Starting from recruiting through training, payroll, benefits, retirement and pension plans, diversity management to retirement and separation. This module automates the core HR operations such as time tracking and profile filtering. It puts an end to time -consuming task. It improves the operational efficiency, and the self-service portals streamline the communication and approval process. Tracking performance management also becomes easy. Keep your employees productive by introducing effective human resource management software. Solutions developed by our company improve collaboration between your employees, help you create and implement contracts, manage their schedules , assign tasks, complete reports on working hours, and more besides. Our solutions can greatly improve workforce management efficiency within your organization.

Customer Relationship Management

Analyze and improve your customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle to enhance customer service, improve customer retention rate, and increase sales. This module increases the productivity, delivers exceptional customer service and gives access to business revenue performance. Sales and marketing, commissions, service, customer contact, call center support.

Purchase Management

This module optimizes inventory and supply chain overheads and keeps the operational efficiencies as high as possible. There is improved accuracy of predictions and insightful reports. Starting from supply chain planning through supplier scheduling, product configuration, purchasing, inventory, claim to process to warehousing.

Accounting and Finance

We at Onex Software provide effective ERP services for accounting & finance to polish your business processes. Our ERP experts understand the ERP better and relatively provide advice on how to effectively plan the ERP software development process. Instantly check balances, confirm transactions, monitor cash flow, manage accounts, filter data, and implement all necessary financial operations in just one click. Financial management software is tailored to control your costs and revenues easily and to generate and export comprehensive financial reports. This module helps boost business productivity and helps you to stay organized with your business processes. It automates financial transactions and keeps track of the profit. It generates custom reports at regular intervals to manage the business data effectively.

Project Management

Project planning, resource planning, project costing, work breakdown structure, billing, activity management. Improve project implementation tracking, accountability, and real-time management by creating a flexible project management system. We can create and integrate interactive modules such as an email service with a CRM system, file sharing, document storage, and other useful features combined in one app. Our ERP project management services are a key to success. We provide adequate rooms for workers to work comfortably. At Onex Software, best techniques and methodology are used to provide ideal project management solutions.

Document Management Systems

We have enormous experience in creating custom Document Management Systems (DMS) that help to organize document workflow, manage tasks and track documentation status. Onex Software development team also creates mobile document management software that could be utilized by small, medium and large enterprises.

Facility Management Software

Onex Software engineering team develops facility management applications that provide effective control over requests, complaints or reported issues, incidents, work orders, reservations, visitor registration, car fleet management.

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Why Do We Need an ERP Development Company?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are software systems that prove to be of great help in operations planning, administration and to optimize internal business processes, comprising of manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. With the help of these solutions, a typical ERP software integrates the data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

Connecting Business and Technology

Using clear and consistent processes for software development services, we create web-based solutions that users love. Being a client-oriented custom software development company Onex Software is committed to providing high-quality software products and services. Our Mission is to delight our clients by continuously providing quality service of developing and integrating software projects. At Onex Software, we believe that a powerful IT solution is able to transform your business and bring significant profits. The whole process takes several steps: discovery and concept creation and definition, prototyping, design, development, and testing.

Big data

Tame your big data through robust solutions that empower data collection, storage, processing and analysis. Our big data experts make data science serve the enterprises striving to harness complex data processing operations.

Services we offer:
Consulting and implementation
Data governance
Support and evolution
Data security
Machine learning

Get solutions that can depict the trickiest patterns and dependencies. Onex Software's data scientists explore and prepare data using interactive data analysis and visualization techniques for creating machine learning models. Onex Software also offers supervised and unsupervised learning. We also work with pretrained models if required.

Selected solutions:
Forecasting tools
Image recognition
Fraud detection
Predictive maintenance
Text Analysis
Data Visualization
Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from improved decision-making and revamped business processes. Combining our data science expertise with practical domain knowledge, we deliver AI consulting services and integrated solutions to address real business challenges.

Selected solutions:
Analytical AI
Interactive AI
Functional AI
Text and visual AI
Computer Vision

Derive actionable insights from images and videos. Designed to give machines the ability to visually sense the world, computer vision solutions are leading the way of innovation.

Selected solutions:
Detection of visual defects and anomalies
Barcode verification and validation
Recognition of item location and positioning
3D modelling and mapping
Internet of Things

Collect, store, analyze sensor data and build ‘smart' operations. At Onex Software, we seamlessly integrate IoT edge devices, gateways, and cloud platforms to provide you with a robust IoT ecosystem. Our team works with you to bring your IoT ideas from strategy to implementation and add significant value to your business.

Service we offer:
Industrial IoT
Embedded Software
Android Firmware
Hardware Design
Augmented Reality

Blur the line between the virtual world and reality to represent and interpret content in a new way. Increase productivity in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with comprehensive AR tools for visualization collaboration, and quality control.

Our AR apps are capable of:
Environmental understanding
Image recognition
Motion tracking
Light estimation

The Benefits of Having Custom ERP Software

Using ERP’s development services increases your company’s overall efficiency. The ERP system will help you to eliminate manual operations, easily collect data, and streamline business processes within the company. ERP software allows you to aggregate all your data in one single location, helping to keep it consistent and up-to-date. With ERP development services, every user of the system can generate customizable reports with ease. So, you can access and analyze data faster than ever to make important business decisions more quickly. Data security is vital, especially for a large organization. With an ERP system, different access rights can be granted to different types of users. This improves data accuracy and consistency and eliminates data leakage threats. ERP software helps organizations to better comply with regulations, because the system can be developed with compliance built in.

Key Technologies and Frameworks We Use

We are constantly on the lookout for new techs that progress beyond the initial hype and go on to change the game for the entire industry. We have mastered the latest and greatest of web, mobile, and cross-platform techs to provide you with a powerful, made-to-measure stack for your project. As an software firm, we take the perspectives of our clients and their diverse claims in bespoke software development. To help you achieve your goals, we enhance our capacities by working with various programming languages, platforms, and new technologies. The list of what we can do is given below.

We Provide Innovative ERP Solutions for Following Industries.

Onex Software incorporates all best practices and modern principles to build and deliver rich in functions and high-performance ERP systems that cover most important business processes and operations of your organization. Our mobile, desktop, and cloud ERP software possesses a number of the following characteristics: Suitable for any specific business or industry and for small and midsized businesses and large enterprises: Manufacturing, Service Industry, Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare & Medical, Consulting, Finance, Education, Government, Media and Entertainment, and more.



Manufacturing / Retail

Real Estate



ERP Software Development Company
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